JONI ANDERSON VAN BERKEL is a Colorado-born writer and artist who divides her time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Zurich, Switzerland. She is happily married to her Dutchman from Amsterdam.

She was educated at the University of Colorado and holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture degrees.

Joni has spent more than ten years writing her trilogy, White Storks of Mercy. The first two books, Formation and Reunion, are available on Amazon.

Joni studied script writing in Europe and wrote her first screenplay, Bad Julia, with the late David Sherwin. She is now working on the script of Formation and plans to develop her trilogy into a film series.

For more information, please contact Joni by sending her a message on the contact page.

The third book of her trilogy, Reconciliation, is coming soon.

When Joni isn’t traveling the world or focusing on her writing, her other passion is her art!  View some of her art here!

Joni Anderson Van Berkel